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Burden of Dreams

Director: Les Blank Run Time: 97 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1982

Starring: Alfredo de Río Tambo, Candace Laughlin, Claudia Cardinale, Klaus Kinski, Werner Herzog

Selected by Claire Hirashiki and Daniel Gross:

Claire – “Every month I watch Daniel agonize over the program. He sits on the living room floor and pores over his spreadsheet, revising and reordering, building a program that spans decades and cultures, with the goal of weaving together disparate stories to reveal a universal truth. Sometimes he picks movies that he barely remembers or ones that he hates, knowing their importance in film history. So it feels fitting to follow Daniel’s tradition and choose BURDEN OF DREAMS. I haven’t seen it. But back in July 2021, when we watched Herzog’s colossal beast of a film FITZCARRALDO, I was floored. A piece on hubris that is an act of hubris itself? They manually dragged a boat through the Amazon up a hill. Deaths happened on set. And somehow Les Blank was shooting a documentary on it all? Daniel told me about this one way back when and it’s been sitting in my IMDB watchlist ever since. So here we are, full circle. Daniel proposed we choose a movie together, so I’m recommending his rec. Collaboration!”


Dan – “Making movies is a monumental task, but sometimes you stop to smell the flowers and watch the green ants dream. Les Blank, calmest man in the biz, went and filmed Herzog making FITZCARRALDO with Kinski, biggest monster in the biz. Pull a boat over a mountain in the Amazon, all that glitters is gold.”



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