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And, so another year is over. One more spin around the sun before we inevitably crash into it. It’s THE END, my friends. A festive season celebrating all things apocalyptic and doom-laden. Raise a toast to never with a series of crashing disasters and wreckage, as we all wait for that nuclear winter to start ringing in the new year bell. Happy holidays folks, see you in the new dawn!



A look, a gesture, a dialogue, a string of words: it’s all a means to an end, so get on with the COMMUNIQUÉ as we figure out how to break through to each other. Communication is a two-way street, subject to interpretation or being lost in translation, but as long as you can spell it out somehow, it’s out there in the universe, maybe to be heard by receptive ears. So gab on, get it all out.

Plus! Our miniseries this month focuses on the films of Sofia Coppola at the dawn of the new millennium. A fresh start out of the hangover from the 20th century, works that exist in the Y2K bubble and the beyond zone. Let the mood set the score.



It’s that time of the year once again — leaves start falling and the sky gets darker. October we celebrate monstrosity in destruction, glory and simply, misunderstanding. We can be HEROES & VILLAINS any time, so let’s strap on the costumes and go into the Id for a time of year about dress-ups, debauchery, and leaning towards the next world from this one. The monster is you, you is the monster — the reflection in the water goes from Orpheus to Frankenstein to The Spirit of the Beehive to Zoolander. Happy Halloween!


September is getting a redirection as we try to find our way back, so follow the GUIDING LIGHT. Lost in space, or just out to sea (or lunch) – always look for the lighthouse or the ping that’ll get you back to where you need to get. It’s a shiny beacon and a siren song that has our projectors lighting up with the sights and sounds of phoning home.

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