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Cash Cow

Director: Matt Barats Run Time: 101 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2023

Starring: Ana Fabrega, Bardia Salimi, Brad Howe, Matt Barats

Yo, personally I fucking love Domino’s. I don’t know what they do with the crust, but molto bene. Anyway, this is a very funny story about a guy having a massive breakdown, and aren’t we all 5 minutes shy of being set in this type of situation?

Ok, more official capsule now:

In the Fall of 2020, a financially struggling actor camps and explores early Mormon historical sites as he anxiously awaits national broadcast for his Domino’s Pizza commercial.

Matt Barats occupies himself with historical research, following the timeline and locations of Joseph Smith’s life. But as financial troubles seem to weigh heavily on him (and his Domino’s Pizza commercial has still not aired yet), a dramatic detour is taken in order to get his life (and the film) back on track.

Self-funded and shot alone over 30 days during the COVID pandemic, the Slamdance 2023 low budget comedy blends documentary and narrative, resulting in a deadpan comedy through one man’s lens.

PLUS – Q & A to follow the screening


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