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Poster for “Coulter Jacobs,” a Documentary by Josh Roossin

“Coulter Jacobs,” a Documentary by Josh Roossin

Opens on March 7

Run Time: 30 min. Format: DCP

Join us for an intimate 30-minute look into Coulter Jacobs’ life. 46-year-old, L.A. born and raised, Coulter Jacobs works for the Department of Water and Power by day and creates in his San Pedro studio by night. His art is jammed full of American traditional tattoo images through Picasso-tinted glasses, & New York School abstract influence. Growing up in a generation and blue-collar work environment that doesn’t encourage vulnerability, Jacobs steps out as the odd ball, celebrating sensitivity and creative expression.

This documentary showcases his various influences, how his work reached the tattoo community, the Long Beach Museum of Art picking up his work, his mental dialogue and feelings as he creates, a history of how art came into his life and how it’s shaped his character, the relationship between his city job and his creative expressions, along with testimonials and commentary from various artists — coming full-circle with the preparation and launch of his first solo art show at the revered Simchowitz Gallery in Hollywood.

Director: Josh Roossin

Starring: Coulter Jacobs, Nathan Kostechko, Bert Krak, Chad Koeplinger, Sofia Heftersmith,

Joshua Marks, Jeff Sypherd, Johnny Ness, Taren Coulter.

Run Time: 30 min

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