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Poster for CYBERJUNK: a 16mm Sci-Fi Marathon w/ Secret Sixteen

CYBERJUNK: a 16mm Sci-Fi Marathon w/ Secret Sixteen

Run Time: 720 min. Format: 16mm

35mm can be beautiful, but 16mm is personal. It’s the weird magical object in your parents’ attic, the sacred feeling thing that you might find at a garage sale – it’s being inducted into a secret society, an older neighbour giving you a joint. It’s the middle child between 8mm, the messy kid brother who just hangs around. It’s the most mustachioed of the film formats, if you’re still hanging along for this dumb metaphor.


This six-feature marathon of lo-fi sci-fi comes from the archives of Secret Sixteen: L.A.’s sickest hand-picked stockpile of this wondrous film format.  


Join Secret Sixteen founder Mike Williamson, Josh Miller (Friday Night Frights) and Bret Berg (Museum of Home Video) for a 12-hour blast of cyberjunk comforts.  These movie-collecting miscreants decided we needed to go even harder than our marathon with them last October by busting open their trove of dystopian future shocks and scares that lovingly hearkens back to some dingy bong basement memory.


Titles aren’t revealed until they unspool onscreen — get ready to duck and cover from time-traveling troopers, frozen freebooters, martial-arts marauders, bionic butchers, randy droids and paradox-parroting P.I.s!  BYO blue milk.

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