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Poster for Dad & Step-Dad

Dad & Step-Dad

Director: Tynan DeLong Run Time: 102 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2023

Starring: Anthony Oberbeck, Brian Fiddyment, Clare O'Kane, Colin Burgess

It’s a weird, somehow cosmic thing to have both biological parent and legally current parent put sunscreen on the back of their teenage (although very obviously played by an adult) son. It’s funny, new, rough around the edges film-making but as sharp as they come. Hey – weird side-track, but one of my best friends is named Brandon, and I think it’s a national call out to make “Let’s Go Brandon” a way to cheer on a solid guy, a real sweetheart and a genuine friend. Hate is boring, spicy takes are fun, but being good pals and bonding together is literally the best thing in the world. Except for $1 siggi yogurt at the 99c store, unbelievable value.

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