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Poster for Depeche Mode: Strange / Strange Too

Depeche Mode: Strange / Strange Too

Director: Anton Corbijn Run Time: 120 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1990 Language: French

Starring: Alan Wilder, Andy 'Fletch' Fletcher, Dave Gahan, Jenna Elfman, Martin Gore

Strange Too – Another Violation by Anton Corbijn is the third music video compilation by Depeche Mode, featuring more videos directed by Anton Corbijn, released in 1990. Unlike the previous video, Strange, all the videos are fully in color. There are six videos, all songs from the album Violator, released in the same year. There is one for each of the four singles, plus two bonus videos, for “Halo” and “Clean”, exclusive to “Strange Too”. As with its predecessor, Corbijn shot all six videos in Super-8. The tallest woman in the “Halo” video is a young Jenna Elfman. The Drive-In featured in the introduction to the compilation is the “Motor Vu Drive-In”, located in Erda, Utah, west of Salt Lake City, near the town of Tooele, this part of the video being shot the day after the band’s concert in Salt Lake City in July, 1990.

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