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Poster for WeHo Pride Arts Fest presents: Experimental Shorts curated by Jheanelle Brown

WeHo Pride Arts Fest presents: Experimental Shorts curated by Jheanelle Brown

Run Time: 100 min. Format: DCP

Image Credit: Reverence, Cat Jones, 2021, Courtesy of the filmmaker)

BLACK FIDDLER (jeffrey martín + david mccormick , 2022)
Plausible… but fallacious! What if the real-life black fiddlers who played at monticello were super queer and engaged in over-the-top battles with other “family” bands? it is, of course, a bit of historical (hysterical?) fiction, but the fiddlers of the scott and hemings families of monticello no doubt engaged in some music-making that was — over. the. top.… the category is… Black fiddle realness.

I’M SICK! (Lewis Tarver, 2023)
A dancer realizes she’s sick after getting flown out for an international audition. Lewis Tarver – Art and Music; Spencer Lenain – Choreography.

Sarang (Oli Andersson, 2022)
Sarang is a gender-nonconforming corpse composed of a yellow mannequin head sewn to used jeans and corduroy jacket. Their inner monologue traverses quotidian moments between the San Luis Obispo “oriental market”, a suburban park, and a rural grass field, before returning to the comfort of their bed. Sarang examines the displacement of second-generation diasporic east Asians, small towns as sites for racialized queerness, and the alienating effects of immigration and assimilation, while queering linear notions of time and space through experimental narrative.

Mom’s Clothes (Jordan Wong, 2018)
A nonfiction reflection on being out of the closet. As a queer person of color, it’s taken me a long time to be as comfortable as I am through navigating forms of intimacy, gender, and self worth.
It doesn’t always get better, but you’re beautiful however you decide to present, including the choice of garments you decide to wear.

Reverence (Cat Jones, 2021)
This film will serve as a visual & auditory reclamation of trans masculine existence through performance. In this, there is a reclaiming of narrative & archival stories as it relates to one’s aspect of Black Trans Masculinity. It is a call to witness black queer artistry as a form of resistance against western cultural binaries.

Exquisite Corpse Trilogy (Seokyoung Yang, 2023)
Through three unsuccessful attempts and trials, a filmmaker seeks to reconcile with the death of her father.

JIGNA (Leah Solomon, 2022)
Inspired by the director’s encounter with author Monique Witting’s Les Guerilleres, JIGNA explores both real and abstracted geographies. Set in four chapters, the film reimagines Witting’s poetry through lucid soundscapes and movement, weaving together explorations of sound, oral histories, and archival video footage. Director: Leah Solomon, Executive Producer: Leah Solomon, Editor – Leah Solomon, Special thanks to MoCADA Museum, Boom Operator – Andres Cornejo, First Camera- Chris Diaz, Performers – Belen Valencia, Gaba Minda, Lovisa Hango, Beverly Renezkou, Score- Leah Solomon, Sound Master – Julien Racine.

Meet Me by the River (Rita Petviashvili, 2023)
A girl discovers more about herself at the river. Stepping out a completely different person.

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