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Poster for Genesis 3
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Genesis 3

Run Time: 60 min. Format: DCP

These videos are a look into specific times of our lives as a family. As we present the third numerical installment of Ian’s long-form GENESIS video series to the world, that part is not lost on us. GENESIS 3 is this time in our lives. It just so happens that Ian [Ostrowski] can make an entire world out of it. One that viewers can attach onto, be motivated by, and cherish. Just as we have done ourselves. After traveling across the country and crashing on friends’ couches in Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu with Seattle at the helm, GENESIS 3 puts a modern twist on the classic northwest skate video. Featuring long-time affiliates such as Bao Nguyen and Dylan Clark, and debuts newcomers in Caden Smith, Romel Torres, and Darrian Williams. Despite anyone’s length of tenure in the Genesis world, each of us wouldn’t have spent this time of our lives any differently… It’s Genny 3 season.


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