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Poster for Hellavision: THE EARTH EPISODE


Run Time: 75 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2023

“THE EARTH EPISODE” will be the definitive (animated) document of the human species; our planetary home world, technologies, & ways of living. Burned onto a blank DVD-R and jettisoned into space.

[5:08 PM JANUARY 1, 2023] The Nassau-Hellavision Initiative (NHI) has been launched in the hopes of creating the definitive animated document of life on Earth. We have discovered that there is a high likelyhood that lasers – which primarily used in optical data storage technology and ushered in a new era of scientific breakthroughs – were in fact extra-terrestrial in origin. This shocking new information has lead us to believe that aliens have DVD players.

In the Spring of 2023, contingent on reaching our admittedly optimistic fundraising goals, the “Earth Episode” document will be burned onto a blank DVD-R up to but not exceeding 4.7GBs and launched into space, where it hopefully will be discovered (and enjoyed) by alien life forms.

“The “Earth Episode” document is Nassau’s most ambitious project yet — the most important documentary project since NASA’s Golden Record, and likely also the first NGO-funded animation episode of the 21st Century.” — Dr. Rhombus J. Pichaelberry, PhD, President of Rockets, Nassau Institute
The contents of the “Earth Episode” will be comprised of animated documents that you, “The Hellavision Television Network” community, deem important enough to represent Human Life on Earth.

The “Earth Episode” is presented in collaboration with The Nassau Institute of Aeronautics, under the umbrella of The Nassau-Hellavision Initiative.

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