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Poster for Acropolis Presents: I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
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Acropolis Presents: I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead

Opens on March 26

Director: Joshua Gen Solondz Run Time: 78 min.

I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead: Films and Videos by Joshua Gen Solondz
March 26, 2024
Brian Dead Studios
One of world’s most exciting and provocative young filmmakers, Joshua Gen Solondz has spent over a decade enacting trance-like rituals on both film and video that confront the viewer with an unsettling vision of domesticity and the human body. Picking up a mantle left by luminaries like Stan Brakhage and Luther Price, Solondz—who often appears in his work in various states of self-induced peril or subjugation—perverts his materials through a deft application of superimpositions, flicker effects, and montage editing, creating startling juxtapositions within and between frames. As physical and bracing as they are intimate, these one-of-a-kind works wrest a strangely poignant poetry from an at times unforgiving world.

Tonight’s program, Solondz’s first in Los Angeles, features a selection of his early video work, plus four more recent 35mm pieces, including the local premiere of his longest and most ambitious film to date,We Don’t Talk Like We Used To (2023), which screened in TIFF’s Wavelengths program as well as the Currents section at NYFF.

Program: Videos with Mom: Breast (2007, digital, 3 min); BURNING STAR (2011, digital, 4 min); (it’s not a prison if you never try the door) (2013, digital, 7 min); AGAINST LANDSCAPE (2014, digital 4 min); LUNA E SANTUR (2016, 35mm 10 min); (tourism studies) (2019, 35mm, 7 min); NE CORRIDOR (2022, 35mm, 6.5 min); We Don’t Talk Like We Used To (2023, 35mm, 36 min). TRT: 78 min. In person: Joshua Gen Solondz.

Please note that this screening is not eligible for Brain Dead Studios membership discounts, and tickets must be purchased separately.


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