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Poster for Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You – Bonnie “Prince” Billy Visual Album

Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You – Bonnie “Prince” Billy Visual Album

Run Time: 120 min.

We go to see movies. Can we go to hear records? This is what Will Oldham, in collaboration with film/visual artist Ryan Daly, are eager to explore with this presentation of Bonnie Prince Billy’s new recording Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You. This is a special evening of recorded music shared with the public before the release of his new album. The work was recorded in the winter of 2022-2023 and is composed of songs whose existences began during the harrowing lockdown year of 2020. Many of us experienced an unprecedented focus of intention and energy during this period, and Oldham found a way into distilling songs and presenting them with newfound clarity and candor. Echoing the spirit and themes of the album, utilizing his vast archive of 16mm film prints, and working in the avant-garde tradition of ‘found footage’ film making, Daly has assembled a tour de force visual juxtaposition of Oldham’s new album. Drawing from the techniques and theories of Soviet montage, Daly’s footage recalls, re-imagines, and suggest and alternative, timeless counterpoint to era of the most recent pandemic.

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