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Opens on February 18

Director: Kevin Smith Run Time: 94 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1995

Starring: Ben Affleck, Claire Forlani, Jason Lee, Jeremy London, Shannen Doherty

Kevin Smith, USA, 1995, DCP, 94 min. 

“Snootchie bootchies!” From Kevin Smith, director of CLERKS and DOGMA, comes the story of two slackers, T.S. (Jason London) and Brodie (Jason Lee), who, simultaneously dumped by their girlfriends, head to the local mall to mend their broken hearts with food court cheese. But when they discover their beloved mall is the stage for a dating show, in which T.S.’s former girlfriend Brandi (Claire Forlani) is set to appear, the twosome hatch a plan to win back their girlfriends with a little help from ultimate stoner buds, Jay and Silent Bob. In between the gang make time for epic battles with the mall Easter Bunny, an appearance by the almighty Stan Lee, sage wisdom, like: “The customer is always an a******”!,” and Ben Affleck as “the Manager of Fashionable Male.” The second film in Smith’s fictional world: enter The View Askewniverse.


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