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MASKED MURDERERS: A 16mm Horror Marathon

Run Time: 740 min. Format: 16mm Release Year: 2023

35mm can be beautiful, but 16mm is *personal*. This six-feature marathon of extrajudicial slayings at the hands of cloaked madmen is more “who wore it best?” than “whodunit?” These savage shrouded looks come straight from the archives of Secret Sixteen: L.A.’s siqqest hand-picked collection of this wondrous film format.

Join Secret Sixteen founder Mike Williamson, Josh Miller (Friday Night Frights) and Bret Berg (Museum of Home Video) for a 12-hour blast of cutthroat comforts. Titles aren’t revealed until they unspool onscreen — you’ll thrill to a mask lookbook full of leather sacks, taut bandages, Chanel-like numbers, dreamlike skullwork, military camo and surrealist art. Have a knife night!

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