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Poster for SIGNAL MECHANICAL – Whammy! presents: Troll 2

SIGNAL MECHANICAL – Whammy! presents: Troll 2

Run Time: 180 min. Format: VHS

Our good chums over at Whammy! have been doing the lord’s work, preserving the glorious art of the video tape. Folks of good taste, and certainly us of a certain age will very much know the lustre and mystery behind every video cover. Look, back in the day, going to Video Ezy or Dr What or even Blockbuster was one of the great weekend pleasures. New releases, cult hits, freaky horror movies or even the back covers in the porn section (don’t tell mum), it was all about the thrill of the box and what you were about to see on the box. A beautiful artform in its own right and constantly celebrated by our good mates over here. Check them out at A selection of shorts + the shiniest beacon of garbage patch horror to ever exist – eat your greens, see you in Nilbog!. Rewind and repeat, physical material lives forever!

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