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Taste of Cherry

Director: Abbas Kiarostami Run Time: 99 min. Format: 35mm Release Year: 1997 Language: Persian (Farsi)

Starring: Abdolrahman Bagheri, Afshin Khorshid Bakhtiari, Homayoun Ershadi, Mir Hossein Noori, Safar Ali Moradi

Is this the one that broke Kiarostami onto the world stage? There’s something so specific, and at the same time universal about his work (alongside Panahi, etc). Beautiful, poignant, touching films with infinite patience that consistenly are some of the most human stories I’ve seen. Anyway, here’s the plot!


A middle-aged Tehranian man, Mr. Badii is intent on killing himself and seeks someone to bury him after his demise. Driving around the city, the seemingly well-to-do Badii meets with numerous people, including a Muslim student, asking them to take on the job, but initially he has little luck. Eventually, Badii finds a man who is up for the task because he needs the money, but his new associate soon tries to talk him out of committing suicide.



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