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Poster for The Bumdog School of Film

The Bumdog School of Film

Director: Bumdog Torres Run Time: 160 min. Format: Digital

Bumdog is a local legend, a real man about town in the classic terms. He lives an alternative life maybe, but he’s also a genuine artist and thoughtful person who understands the essentials of both film – making and film history.

Some words from the principal himself:

If a career homeless bum, started a film school, what would it look like?

In 2004 I was sleeping in a parking lot in Downtown Los Angeles, when I came to the realization that you make a feature length film with almost nothing. Movie Technology had come down to the masses in the form of Apple’s iMovie and the new one and three chip digital video cameras. There were no longer any insurmountable financial obstacles to over come. To the point where even someone who was homeless, penniless, and uneducated as myself was capable of making a movie.

So thats what I went about doing. Piece by piece, 5 minutes one month, 3 minutes 6 months later, frame by 29.98 digital frame at a time. From the day I thought up the idea to the day I finished my 2 1/2 hour movie it took me three years almost exactly to the day. I called it “Sketches of Nothing by a Complete Nobody”.

I’m not trying tell you I know how to teach you to make a good film. I don’t know how to do that because I’ve never made a good film myself. But if you follow these laws of film grammar, I do guarantee you will make a watchable film.

Bumdog Torres writer, filmmaker and a career homeless bum. now adds “Professor of Film” to his resume.

Finally a Film School for people who know nothing about film…Taught by someone who knows nothing about film.

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