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The Night Porter

Director: Liliana Cavani Run Time: 118 min. Format: HD Digital Release Year: 1974 Language: Italian

Starring: Charlotte Rampling, Dirk Bogarde, Gabriele Ferzetti, Giuseppe Addobbati, Philippe Leroy

Charlotte Rampling was both tortured and protected by Nazi Dirk Bogarde in a concentration camp. Those damn Nazis, always doing bad things! Anyway, years later they meet again by chance in Vienna. A secret group of former SS baddies are pissed at him for not being a good enough Nazi (i.e. he wasn’t a terrible enough person). When Rampling’s husband leaves town, she and Bogarde bring back the sex and bring out the chains. Them Nazis can’t be put down though, and they’re on the hunt for the pair. You might be shocked to hear it, but this movie was quite controversial.


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