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Poster for Werckmeister Harmonies
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Werckmeister Harmonies

Director: Béla Tarr Run Time: 145 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2000 Language: Hungarian

Starring: Alfréd Járai, Gyula Pauer, Hanna Schygulla, Lars Rudolph, Peter Fitz

Bela Tarr always takes his time, sure, but it’s done to capture the minutiae of society on the verge of collapse. Each scene always relishes in the moment of walking through windy streets, drunken dancing and lights flickering out. There’s a giant whale in the room, and we all know what it is (a whale, duh). I met Bela Tarr one time, and he said my question sucked so I just yelled bazdmeg back to him, kinda top tier hero encounter.
A mysterious circus excites a small Hungarian town into a rebellion when a promised act doesn’t perform.


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